How to Assemble Sunflower
Answer :
It’s really easy! Just follow the directions.
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What's Sunflower's Dimension?
Answer :
Here are technical dimensional (D) measurements. When people see Sunflowers in real (3D), they feel Sunflowers look bigger than in 2D. By the same token, even though there seems to be not much difference in 2D between Sunflower 1 & 2, there is a big difference in size if you see them actually.

1. Sunflower II LED (1) Head length: 235mm (9.25”) (2) Head top diameter: 131mm (5.16”) phi (3) Head bottom diameter: 134mm (5.28”) phi
2. Flexible Stand (1) Flexible stand diameter: 25mm (.98”) phi (2) Flexible stand length: 460mm (18.11”)
3. Clamp type base (1) Minimum table surface from the edge: 47mm (1.85”) (2) Maximum table thickness: 50mm (1.97”) (3) Total extended length below table surface (maximum room below table surface): 150mm (5.91”) (4) Length above table surface: 33mm (1.30”)
4. Screw Down Mount (Optional) (1) Minimum table surface: 3.94″(100mm) phi (2) Length above the table surface: 1.81″(46mm)
5. Portable Stand (Optional) (1) Base size: 20” x 20” x 6” (2) Column Length: 17” (3) Shortest height without Sunflower: 22.50” (4) Longest height without Sunflower: 33” (5) Normal installation of Sunflower: 17.5” height (6) Shipping Box Size: 20” x 20” x 6” (7) Shipping Weight: 8LB
What About Filters?
Answer :
Sunflower II filters consist of 2 plies cloth filters:

(1) Outer one is made of black carbon activated filter which is good for reducing smell and collecting dust.

(2) Inner filter is for not only collecting dust but also controlling air flow.

Suction power is directly related to the filter thickness and various gel or acrylic ingredients. If filters seem to be too thick or dense for air flow, just take out the inner filter for the better air passage

Filter should be cleaned everyday or more often in a busy day for the better result.

To clean filters, users can clean the filters with a regular vacuum, or tap them outside building. Each box contains two sets of filters, one set of filter in the machine and one extra set of filter. On busy day, a user can use one filter in the morning and the extra in the afternoon and clean them both at the end of the day.

Or user can buy 1 pack of filters which includes 1 pack(5 filters) to use filters sparingly. Filter price is $30 per 1 pack of outer and inner filters(5 filters). Or you can buy outer pack(5 filters) for $18 and inner pack(5 filters) for $12 separately. You can order filters at
How Does Sunflower Work?
Answer :
Seeing is believing! Check out the Sunflower II in action!

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Basic Idea As you know, many nail technicians these days suffer from the various allergic dusts produced by gel, acrylic, etc, as well as numerous fumes. When they work on the gels on the nails, some dust is airborne and some heavy dust is falling down. Airborne nail dust should especially be avoided first before spread since the airborne dust is breathed in first. My product, the Sunflower, stands on the table like a regular desk light and sucks up the airborne nail dust rather than falling down heavy dust through a fan motor into the filter placed on the top of the machine. The filter also includes carbon materials that reduce up to 50-60% of the smells in the vicinity. The ideal distance is about 6 – 7 inches between the nails and Sunflower. But if technicians like to suck up the heavy dust like acrylic, they can place Sunflower closer to nails. To reuse these filters, owners can clean the filters with a regular vacuum, or wash it with a shower spray gun and let it dry naturally (hand washing, machine washing, or squeezing the water out can damage the filter). If the filter is cleaned properly, it can be reused from a month to three months.
Refund / Exchange Policy
Answer :
In order to get a refund, you must contact BAU USA within a week from your product receiving date. Please note that there’s 20% restocking fee on any returned items. You must return all the parts in it’s original box.

BAU USA will replace any damaged or malfunctioning items if there is any. Please contact us within 15 days from your receiving date to exchange items. The items must be in it’s original packaging and must be returned in it’s original condition.

For more information, please call us at 973-904-3200.

BAU USA 36-15 214th PL Bayside, NY 11361 TEL: 973.904.3200 FAX: 973.689.9086

How Much is Shipping & Handling?
Answer :
$15 flat shipping and handling cost for Sunflower II LED is applied USA inland only.

There will be an applicable charge for the shipping and handling for other parts and products. For shipping cost for the international and outside of USA inland like AK, HI, and PR is subject to applicable shipping and handling charge.
Troubleshoot - Blowing Dust Diagnosis
Troubleshoot - Electric Diagnosis
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About Connector, Wiring, RBW
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How to Assemble a Portable Stand
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How to Change the Connector
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How to Change the Fan Motor with Caps
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How to Change Lamp Bulb
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How to Clean Sunflower
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How to Install a Suction Mount
How to Replace a Switch on the Flexible Stand
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Clamp Mount Capacity
Hole Mount Dimension
Screw Mount Dimension
Suction Mount Dimension
Portable Stand Dimension